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My name is William Gardner from California. I have been a professional builder of outdoor kitchens since 1998. I have created this free E Magazine to help homeowners build and enjoy the outdoor kitchen of their dreams.
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DESIGN Your Outdoor Kitchen

#1 Tip: Location! Keep it close to back door or you will not use it

Design Free Online  CLICK HERE>

note: to use this program you will need to enable flash on your computer

Watch this Design Video for basic tips but the cabinets offered at the end of the video are not as good as using frame kits in our experience.

Counter Lower than the distance of bent elbow to the ground...........

Over hang Min 10"

BAR COUNTER 42-46" High 

Stool Height 28"

Cooking Counter 36-38" High

Tabletop Height 30"

Design Your Outdoor Kitchen in Zones.

It is best to design your outdoor kitchen in zones as shown in the above diagram.


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